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Relaxation is a sparkle of youth

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Seating assessment : measurements

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specialized peripherals and software to access the computer

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Examination of the oral cavity due to pain expressed by the child

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The Go-talk , a tool to enhance the oral communication 

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Clinical assessment 

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Individual Support therapy

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respiratory function tests 

Relaxation is a sparkle of youth

SESOBEL welcomes children and young people with complex disabilities like cerebral palsy, neuro-degenerative diseases, intellectual disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

These types of disabilities affect several functions of the body; thus, special and various treatments must be administered.

To meet the needs of children and the youth at SESOBEL, the Medical and Rehabilitation Program does the following:

- Joins more than 30 professionals of different disciplines,

-Collaborates with external resources and hospital centres, as well as with

56 doctors of different disciplines (neurologists and pediatric neurologists, child psychiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, ophthalmologists, otorhinolaryngologist, etc.); the aim is to provide the best global care for the person with disability and his family. 

1- The principles of the Medical and Rehabilitation Program

Early intervention: to assess and boost the potential of children as early as possible for preventive, rehabilitative or therapeutic purposes, and that will optimize the development of motor, cognitive and communicative capacities.


The specificity and the complementarities: Because every child is unique, he/she must receive a specialized, complementary and personalized care that meets his/her needs.


The global approach: Any person with disability is a total human being. That’s why the support provided requires considering all fields of development: the physical, intellectual, relational and spiritual.

2- Care administration

Assessment: Scheduled interviews with families, specialized and multi-disciplinary assessments ahead of diagnosis and work plans.


Rehabilitation plan: It is determined according to the needs of every person, and must be approved of by the family.The individualized plan prioritizes interventions based on the global approach.


Intervention: is multidisciplinary and depends on the needs of every person and the work plan for him/her. Providing medical care, re-education and guidance, intervention is assessed and readjusted according to any person’s development.

Rehabilitation sessions can be individual, shared by groups or interdisciplinary.


Prevention: is done through training and informing child-care specialists, as well as early intervention to prevent the development of more complex disorders.


Parental guidance: When it comes to administering care to children, the role of families is crucial. SESOBEL realizes that families’ participation in the development and implementation of the therapeutic plans for their children will ensure their success and continuity.

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