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"There’s no more intense fragrance than the one released by a giving soul"








Animated by love, we show our faith in the cause of the child with disability and in the mission of SESOBEL.
The foundation of our continuity:

  • Our faith in Man, son of God.
  • The love and will that unites us to accompany our children and their families.
  • Confidence in our collaborators is limitless.
  • Transparency which is a must in our action with our collaborators and parents of our children and young people.
  • The solidarity of the team which is privileged for a better return.
  • The insightful and ambitious vision of our management which is necessary for the development of our action programmes.
  • Innovations in all facets of our work to better serve our children.
  • The will to face the difficulties, because "Together the impossible becomes possible".


Throughout the years, having identified the difficulties of children with disability and their families, the SESOBEL has helped more than 10,000 children with disability to meet their medical, social, educational, rehabilitative, recreational, relational needs... social integration and all their rights... to ensure them a life of Joy and Dignity.


Action at St. Georges Hospital of Beirut to study the needs of children and country context.


Action at existing public and private structures in the country working in the field of childhood.


  • Start of seminars, meetings and vaccination campaigns in an environmental advocacy goal on disability issues
  • Preventive action and public education.
  • First premise in Antélias (rented)


  • Start of the social and family medical service.
  • Opening of the social care center (Nursery) in Antelias.


  • Obtaining notice of association formation No. 42/S.I
  • Setting up an information seminar with Jean Vanier, founder of l’Arche-France: The starting point of our work with people with disability.
  • Start of the screening service, prevention and early treatment of infants and young children with disability, with Dr. Josette Naffah, PhD in genetics
  • Start of a welcoming programme for 8 children with physical and mental disability, aged between 6 to 12 years.


  • Start of the first special education service at the convent of "Ziyara"(Visit).
  • Start of the first physiotherapy service in Antelias and Zouk Mikael.


  • Action with refugees, pregnant women and infants for the purpose of screening and prevention.


  • Start of the first early intervention programme at home.
  • Start of physiotherapy rehabilitation at the center of Furn El Chebek


  • Setting up the technical assistance workshop in Aintoura.
  • Setting up of the entertainment programme addressed to young people with disability in Rabieh.
  • Consolidation of the various action programmes (family monitoring, rehabilitation and special education) in a single center in Bikfaya


  • First production activity for self-financing: making Pandy Panda dolls (designed and produced by Mrs Thérèse Abou-Chedid)


  • Acquisition of the First Premises in Aïn El-Rihani, the "Notre-Dame de l'Espérance", current location of SESOBEL
  • Démarrage du programme d’apprentissage préprofessionnel


  • Action with chronically ill children (hemophilia)
  • Distribution of the 1st issue of the internal review Basma


  • Obtaining the first «Médecine Entraide» prize, created by the Gala of Medicine and the Association «Homme et Solidarité».
  • Beginning of the orthopedic care (consultations and preparation of orthotics in the center)


  • Obtaining of State approved association decree No. 371.
  • Implementation of the specialized programme for children with autism, the first in Lebanon
  • Establishment of the SESOBEL-Australia Support Committee known as the Australian Friends of SESOBEL


Start of the chocolate workshop.


Joint work with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to develop laws on the integration of children with disability in ordinary schools. (A failed attempt)


  • Start of the school integration programme and the first parallel class in college Antonine / Brazilia - Baabda (End in 1996).
  • Inauguration of the first permanent exhibition Yahala in Zouk Mikael


  • Obtaining Madame Figaro prize handed to Miss Yvonne Chami, founder of SESOBEL.
  • Founding Anta-Akhi, serving a worthy future for the person with disability. (Second association founded by Miss Yvonne Chami)
  • Introduction of the computer system
  • First advertising campaign (designed by Maya Abou Chédid as part of a diploma project in alba)
  • Founding member at the National Committee for affairs of people suffering from disabilities under the Ministry of Social Affairs.


  • Agreement with the «Orthophonistes du Monde» association for an ongoing training of the team.
  • Establishment of the Ladies Committee (funding assistance)
  • Start of the pottery workshop.
  • Start of speech therapy, psychomotor and psychological care.


  • Audit of action programmes, carried out by experts from abroad, with a view to evaluating and restructuring the action programmes
  • Equipment of the workshop of the Technical Assistance by Handicap International and the embassy of France


  • Start of the horticulture workshop.
  • First Christmas exhibition organized by the Ladies Committee (self-sustaining activity)


  • Establishment of the occupational therapy unit.
  • First sale of Christmas greeting cards (self-sustaining activity)
  • Acquisition of the second premises, the Notre-Dame de Fidélité
  • Agreement with Adages - France, for a pooling of practical knowledge, for training of the team and for an audit in social management
  • Organization of «Health management of children with disability» symposium in collaboration with Professor Claude Hamonet, expert of the World Health Organization.
  • Collaboration with «Handicap International» association for the establishment of the Institute of Occupational Therapy at the Lebanese University.
  • Structure of the technical platform (twinning of the medical service with the rehabilitation services and the Technical Aids department for better management of the health of the beneficiaries)


Start of the local sponsorship service


  • Start of early stimulation unit.
  • Organization of the Symposium and the Marathon on myopathy, in collaboration with the French Embassy and the French Association Against Myopathy (AFM)
  • Welcoming the first group of social travelers formed by sponsors and friends of SESOBEL
  • Founding the Youth Committee


  • Start of summer camps involving children with disability and the children of the employees
  • Start of the respiratory unit.
  • Organization of the colloquium on autism in collaboration with CHU - Tours, Arapi (Association for research on autism and prevention of maladjustments), and the French Embassy
  • Convention with Arapi, for the sharing of knowledge and organization of trainings
  • Start of the Parents Committee
  • Start of the Volunteers Committee
  • Opening of a permanent exhibition Yahala in Ashrafieh (local offered by Mr Albert Sara)


Start of the action with siblings of children and youth with disability.


  • Start of the prepress workshop.
  • Start of the «Research and Development» department.
  • Starting of the construction of the playground
  • Opening of the Asswak sale (by the Volunteers Committee)


  • Publication of the book Les voies du défi (The Challenges), written by the youth of SESOBEL
  • Implementation of the new "integrated education" approach, ensured by a multidisciplinary team


  • Opening of the training center.
  • Installation of an IT field specialized for children with cerebral palsy.
  • Pilgrimage of the first group of children and youth in Lourdes, in collaboration with the association « Les petits frères des pauvres» – France.
  • Opening of the first branch of «Les Tournesols» for girls with disability in cooperation with the Lebanese Guides Association.
  • Organization of the «Autism and Creativity» seminar in cooperation with AMIR network.


  • Installing of the Gait Lab for motion and movement analysis.
  • Start of the "American Friends of SESOBEL" support group
  • Agreement with the University of Balamand for the continuous training center
  • Construction of the third building thanks to the association Partage and the legacy of a French godmother (Mme Huguette Fargier)
  • First scientific congress on the analysis of walking and movement
  • Application of new neuro-food management techniques
  • Organization of the first scientific conference «A step towards new horizons» to launch and promote the Gait Lab for motion and movement analysis


  • Emergency action to displaced families following the July 2006 war.
  • Animation project in the caza of Jezzine in collaboration with UNICEF, FOR WAR-TRAUMATIZED CHILDREN.
  • Start of the land product workshop «Gê» at Kfarhouna in collaboration with the CDR (Conseil de développement et de restructuration) and the World Bank.
  • Application of the new technique «alternative and augmentative communication» to all children and youth with oral language disorder.
  • Publication of the book Man and disability: a life project (in Arabic) in collaboration with the World Bank
  • Contract of Expertise and Orthopedagogical Audit with the Institute of Educators / St Joseph University, whose aim is to assess the skills of the teaching staff at work and enhance their learning.


  • Start of the «Children advocating Children’s rights» programme.
  • Implementation of the school inclusion project in the public primary school of Jezzine in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the local community.


  • Second pilgrimage for children and youth in Lourdes, in collaboration with the “Les petits frères des pauvres” association- France
  • Application of the exchange and development therapy among children with autism disorders, in collaboration with CHU Tours and Professor Catherine Barthelemy.


  • Start of the «Living Space», boarding programme (ongoing) suitable for youth with autism to promote their self autonomy.
  • Structuring of the existential support programme.
  • Organization of the second scientific conference «A step towards new horizons» to promote the Gait Lab for motion and movement analysis.
  • Start of the «outpatient service/care” programme.


  • Start of neuro-alimentary clinic for children and youth having difficulties in food consumption and swallowing.
  • Edition of the Children Advocating Children's Rights calendar in collaboration with twelve Lebanese celebrities (initiative of the Volunteers Committee)
  • Integration of body expression sessions- The dance-therapy by Jose Melgar.


  • Installation of the visual disturbance clinic.
  • Opening of a permanent exhibition in Dbayeh
  • Convention with the University of St. Joseph in the context of scientific and educational cooperation for the Gait Lab.
  • Gaining the authorization from the Ministry of Education for the use of the premises of the professional school at the Kfarhouna public school to establish the workshop of the land product.


  • Inauguration of the protected workshop «3 hearts lodge».
  • Celebrations of the 35th anniversary of SESOBEL
  • First prize of the competition launched by the BLC Bank, between 4 Lebanese associations
  • Second prize at the PanarabAwards for the SESOBEL Facebook page
  • Launch of the Brick by brick campaign for the call for funds to build the new autism center
  • Laying of the first stone of the new center of autism on the ground made available to the SESOBEL by the Maronite Patriarchate.
  • Opening of a permanent exhibition in Jezzine - South Lebanon
  • Signature of the Book "7 Days among the angels"
  • Collaboration with Alfa mobile operator and the Ministry of Interior for the delivery of the cultural card for people with disability.
  • Convention with the NSSF for the recognition and for the costs of examinations at the Gait Lab.
  • Opening of a permanent exhibition in Jezzine - South Lebanon
  • Signature of the Book "7 jours parmi les anges" ("7 Days among the angels")
  • Handing of the Knight of Honor badge to Miss Yvonne Chami by the President of the Republic Mr. Michel Sleiman.
  • Handing the badge of Knight of the Order of Merit to Mrs. Fadia Safi, CEO of SESOBEL by the Ambassador of France in Lebanon, Mr. Patrice Paoli.
  • Obtaining the Vatican blessing for the project SESOBEL, Anta-Akhi and HVE «Handicap et Vivre Ensemble».
  • Signing a memorandum of interest with the Union of Municipalities of Jezzine.
  • Obtaining the «Takreem» prize of philanthropy and social acts in homage to the action of SESOBEL.


  • Setting up of the land product workshop on the premises of the Kfarhouna public school.
  • Certificate in hospitality for youth at SESOBEL people from the Phoenicia Hotel, along with a painting exhibition «Inspirations» (paintings made by children and youth with autism).


  • Engagement of a second team, from the Family Reception Unit, in rotation during the afternoon, to respond to more requests and inquiries from new families.
  • Integration of the «Go Green» theme in educational programmes’ activities for environmental protection.
  • Grounding of the school inclusion programme in the middle school at the Jezzine public school.
  • Collaboration with Alfa mobile Telecommunication company for organizing a ceremony at the Ministry of Justice for submission of “climbing-stair” , facilitating the access of people with disabilities in the Department.
  • Convention with Saint Joseph University in order to introduce into university courses, lessons on the value of the person with disability and the importance of taking care of him.
  • Collaboration with the Lebanese University, Faculty of Public Health, Medical and Social Work Department, to provide social marketing courses for students in their 4th year degree./li>
  • Launch of the ABLE campaign
  • Launch of the Happy Treat Campaign


  • Organization of the 1st Symposium «Better Seating for a Better Life» in partnership with the Harika Center, Lebanon and in collaboration with the company Ottobok, Germany to demonstrate the vital importance of positioning to the person with disability.
  • First Gala dinner in Dubai supporting the construction of the Autism Center


  • Start of the Family Reception and Specialized Therapies at the new D.A.R center in Dora
  • Second Gala dinner in Dubai supporting the construction of the Autism Center
  • Collaboration with St. Joseph University for the edition of the booklet "What to know for better guidance"(A recipient of all Lebanese associations working with people with disabilities or with learning disabilities).


  • Opening of the Hydrotherapy Unit
  • Second Medical-Social Symposium on neuromusculuar diseases
  • Winner of the Fondation d’Entreprise CMA CGM prize



  • Designed in 2016 by Alfa telecom, Délices d'Alice was launched in April 2018.

    “Délices d’ Alice by SESOBEL”, new concept BCBG is a new brand image for SESOBEL’s products in a fully-designed shop highlighting our beautiful products in charming boxes.


  • Opening of SESOBEL Vocational Center in memory of Yvonne Safi
  • Opening of the Sensory room at the new autism center made possile by Logos and funded by the Australian Aid
  • Opening of the Therapy and Development rooms at the new autism center in collaboration with Systeminence-made possible with the support of Axis, Milestone and Systeminence


  • Working during the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Launching the music-therapy


  • Implementation of a new assistive technology using a tablet, an eye tracker, and a special software for a better communication
  • Launching The Good Family: A new branding for SESOBEL shop


  • Launching the new strategic vision : Dignity in Care"
  • Start of the Intensive Rehabilitation program



  • Launching the new awareness campaign " Min Addak - Min 7addak"
  • Development of Digital Rehabilitation and educational sheets
  • Lebanese national registry of people with neuromuscular disease
  • Launching of The Book " Hamasat Men Al Kalb" done by Aala' Awada- a youth at SESOBEL
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