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Welcome Home!

Having been trained by SESOBEL’s vocational workshop, our young team is ready to receive you…

We believe that despite disability, we, just like any other good hotel staff, can offer high-quality service. 

Who are we ?

Opened in 2012, the Three-Heart Lodge is one of SESOBEL's protected workshops. There, our youth get trained until they are skillful enough to get socially and professionally integrated into the outside world.

The Three-Heart Lodge is a place where excellent guest service is ensured. In secure environment, clients’ different tastes are met. 

Where’s the lodge?

Because SESOBEL is located in Ain El Rihani, Keserwan, it takes only ten minutes to get to Jounieh. It won’t take long, either, to get to the seashore, and will take no longer than a twenty-nine-km-long drive to or from Beirut International Airport. 

Touristic sites are also close; driving will takeonly 5 minutes to Jeita Grotto and 10 minutes to Harissa’s Basilica.

Our services

  • 5 cozy rooms 
    *Simple Room 
    *Double Room
    *Triple Room 
  • Access to lodge lounge and garden
  • Free Parking
  • Access to different satellite channels
  • Paid Wi-Fi
  • Airport Shuttle Service
  • Laundry Service
  • Tri-lingual staff
  • Business corner
  • Conference room with audio-visual equipment

The rooms are air-conditioned and room service is provided daily.Fruit and homemade cookies are served daily.

Our kitchen staff will be ready to cook you any meal that you ask for. (Each will cost $10.)

A tour could also be organized at your wish. 


Our staff are14 young people who have joined any SESOBEL programme that incorporates hospitality training. 

The lodge’s services are the same as any hotel’s. Trained by the prestigious Intercontinental Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut, our young team shows expertise when it comes to guest reception, room service and hotel keeping…

And we’re just ready to make you feel at home! 

“A young man’s journey”

Antonio el-Weter’s experience at the Three-Heart Lodge

Antonio el-Weter (23 years old): For 16 years I have been integrated into SESOBEL that has helped me to read and write andto live an independent life filled with dignity and joy.

When I turned 21, I had the urge to travel and become a productive society member just like anyone else.

Back in 2012, SESOBEL offered me the chance to take hospitality workshops at one of Lebanon’s grand hotels. Eventually I got myself a job at SESOBEL’s Three-Heart Lodge.

I love this job because it has given me further belief in my capacities, in addition to the chance of meeting people from different cultures.

That’s what makes my experience pretty rich…

Doing this job, I have been earning my own pocket money and getting all that I need, myself, just like any other young man. 

Book a room

Sleep is necessary, but where you sleep is your choice!

Sleeping here, you help to change our children’s life. 

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