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Who are we?

Ain ar-Rihani's VRP commenced work in 1990, when the Chocolate Factory was established.

Intended plan for SESOBEL's children turning 20 and up: providing a safe work environment, where they can be involved in professional activities that match their capacities 

Objective: Making them live their lives to the fullest whilst developing self-independence that guides them to a better, integrated and purposeful life.


Concerned public

VRP is, above all, an adaptable workplace; to join which, a young person must meet certain criteria:

            - Having taken, since childhood, all SESOBEL classes

            - Showing a good deal of self-independence / autonomy

            - Maintaining composure (so as to make no serious troubles) 

            - Demonstrating ability to follow the rules (working at least for a full half-hour)


Every workshop is supervised by a mentor as education specialists stay in company with the young, regularly moving from workshop to another.

How are the young orientated?

Integrating the young with VRP is the outcome of a long-term process. "Protected" work necessitates that the young maintain concentration and work for a certain number of hours.

            - At 12, children are assessed by occupational-therapists, who determine the competences that will most probably unfold while attending workshops   

            - At 14, evaluation of the job accomplished in the previous couple of years allows to reinforce competences in certain work fields.

            - At 16, it's professionalization year, which "has stemmed from the tree of the        fulfilled workshops". At the end of it, the unit leader, the workshop leader and the young can make a final evaluation that determines the young's capacities      and professional acquisitions.

            -  At 17 and 18, work and apprenticeship are practiced in specialized workshops.

            - At 19, it's the "Year for Partial Integration"; the youth attend VRP two days a     week, and the Pedagogic Program 3 days a week. 


SESOBEL demands the pre-professional training; we have already pointed out that would allow a flexible transfer to VRP.


Engaging the young into work

At VRP, the program for the young makes a "contract". Every year, they get better engaged in the activities practiced.

These activities combine the youth's inclinations and preferences with the choices and capacities they've got to carry out the activity eventually.  

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