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"You are worth fighting for"



Since 1976, SESOBEL has taken all possible steps to implement a coherent and monitored service of assisting children with disability and to accompany their families as partners in facing life’s challenges.

SESOBEL has worked equally hard with all elements of the society to recognize the value, dignity, and respect for children with disability. 


Most programs for the care of disability are generally limited to specific services.
At SESOBEL, we believe in a multi-faceted approach.

At SESOBEL, every child is unique and an appropriate program that meets his specific needs is designed for him. We use a holistic , interdisciplinary approach, which takes into account the child's needs on every level, be it related to health,society,education,rehabilitation,recreation,relationships,living environment, integration, rights, and any other aspect of their lives.
SESOBEL helps children with disability lead a happy and hopeful life despite the difficulties that come with disabilities by ensuring:


  • A harmonious development while taking into account the child's potential,whatever the disability.
  • A development that enables the children to be in harmony with themselves, their environment and the people that surround them.
  • A development that respects their dignity as human beings and recognize their fundamental needs for a life full of love and acceptance.


In addition, our efforts are carried out with the future in mind so that we can, together with their family, ensure a secure future for the child with disability.
SESOBEL provides sufficient family support so the children with disability live within their family environment. It is essential to:


  • Support the family,especially the mother, to lessen the burden and demands of the disability and to prevent the family from being overwhelmed.
  • Support the family to recover the harmony,that is usually lost due to the child's disability.

  • Support the family so they can overcome difficulties with joy and hope, and discover the art of living together in acceptance of each person's potential. In this way, each member will be able to fulfill each others' needs and grow in harmony.

 As a partner, the family is central to SESOBEL's philosophy. From the moment the families arrive at SESOBEL, they are given support in order to strengthen and preserve their unity.



SESOBEL works on challenging the society to respect the child with disability and acknowledge its right to a dignified life, regardless of the nature of his disability.

  • Determine the needs of the children with disability and those of their families, and then advise policy makers concerning the extent of those needs.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with all authorities that are capable of meeting those needs.
  • Work to prevent disabilities and promote early detection.
  • Raise public awareness regarding each person's responsibility to treat the children with disability with respect.
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