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Their lives are our project


Thanks to donators generosity, SESOBEL implemented projects supporting the needs of our children and youth with disabilities.
Thank you for believing in our mission!

Special Seating and Positioning wheelchair - SSPW 2014-2015

Home Mobility raises funds on Facebook for 28 children at Sesobel to offer these children a system of customized seats adapted to their physical disabilities. These wheelchairs are modular and can be adjusted depending on the growth of children.
RedBull offered again this year and through the SSPW Home Mobility Project page, a donation of $ 1,000 as a contribution for the purchase of a new modular chair at one of our youth!

Redbull thank you! Home Mobility thank you!

Continuous Training center 2014-2015

The Association PARTAGE covered the costs relating to 130 hours given by professionals within our training center:


    • Cerebral palsy
    • Relaxation with parents (closed group)
    • Relaxation withparents (open group)
    • Initiative Relaxation 
    • Milan and painting
    • Handling wheelchairs at the center

  • Taking respiratory care for children and youth with disabilities
  • Awareness of the management of sensory disorders for people with disabilities
  • Urgent Care
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Analysis of the normal walk and the walk of children with cerebral palsy
Expand You Horizon 2014-2015

Sesobel was selected among several other associations to participate in the EYH program (Expand Your Horizon), supported by USAID, which aims to strengthen the capacity of organizations selected as catalysts for social change in Lebanon. This year, 8 of our staff attended training in special needs education, financial management, planning and procurement, proposal writing and HR

New Autism Centre - Pilot Project ( ongoing)

With this new Autism Center, SESOBEL is taking a large leap forward towards the future.

The center will be completely adapted to provide the necessary setting needed for the harmonious development of the children and youth with autism. The spacious classrooms, workshops, treatment and rehabilitation rooms, game room, resting area, all allow for a special integration of functionality unseen in other school settings.


The direct beneficiaries are:

− 50 underage children (0 to 6 years old) with physical and/or mental disability, or with pervasive developmental disorders (autism)

− 40 children and youth with autism between the ages of 6 to 20 years old

− 30 young adults with severe autism will be welcomed in a daytime center for socialization and accompaniment

− 15 youth with autism, 14 years and older, will be cared for on a rotation basis in a pioneer living space with private bedrooms and bathrooms


This living space is unique in Lebanon and new to the Middle East; the youngsters with autism will learn to live independently and autonomously, away from their home setting. 100 outpatient children and youth will benefit from around 1665 therapy sessions Furthermore, by transferring the children with autism to this new center, we can provide extra space in the existing buildings for the 3 actual workshops (Chocolate-Biscuits-Decoration) needed for our children and youth with mental disabilities and autism.


The other beneficiaries are:

− 220 families (parents and siblings) will be received for family guidance purposes, for social group interventions and for relaxation sessions. The siblings will receive: information about the disability of their brother and/or sister, support in case of difficulties caused by the presence of a brother or a sister with disability, personal attention that will help them develop and grow and a preparation with their parents for the future of their brother or sister.

− 57 teachers, 22 therapists and 2 social workers will also benefit from a better-adapted working environment to cater more efficiently to the needs of our children.


The building will contain several features:

− A family reception for 220 families

− An early intervention center for 50 children from 0 to 6 years old

− An education center for 40 children and youth with autism

− Therapy units for 100 children and youth

− Outpatient care program (Speech therapy-Occupational Therapy- Psychomotor Therapy- Physiotherapy and Psychotherapy)

− A residential care center with private bedrooms and bathrooms to welcome, on a rotation basis, 15

youngsters with autism.

− A daytime center for support and socialization, and social integration for 30 young adults.

− A recreational area for the children and their families

− A hydrotherapy unit for children with autism that will also be used by around 200 children and youth with disabilities at SESOBEL.

 This hydrotherapy unit will benefit outpatients and will therefore be a source of self-financing (around 3120 therapy sessions per year).


Sesobel would like to deeply thank all our partners who are still contributing to the realization of this project.

Living Space- for 2 consecutive years

NEXT CARE Dubai provided the running cost of the  living space:

SESOBEL started a new program. It is especially for the autistic youth, for whom it is important to provide a space adapted to their handicap and assistance with their transition to adult life. A completely furnished living space is now established to receive them in cycle, in the afternoons and during the night, which offers the best of conditions with plenty of space and security. This program is very well aligned with SESOBEL’s mission towards the youth, their families and the society:

The youth:

- Create an environment for them to live in serenity and peace part of the week

- Establish a stable life avoiding them frequent changes which they support very badly because of their disability

- Help them to live in the community but under appropriate conditions

- Prepare them to live alone after the death of their parents

 The family:

- Relieve the very tired parents by the constant presence of their young autistic child

- Allow siblings (brothers and sisters) to flourish in the best conditions while enjoying a serene family atmosphere

The society:

- Change the society by providing a specific structure, currently missing in the Lebanese Society

- Change the society by creating a unique witness group in Lebanon that will advance the support of this type of disability.

 NextCare thank you!

Digital call center 2014-2015

Thanks to the subsidy granted by Kindermissionswerk provided from "L'Action des Chanteurs à l'Etoile", Sesobel took steps to ensure the installation of a new digital call center. The Sesobel thanks the valuable collaboration of Kindermissionswerk project committee and is grateful for their support and concern towards their  work with children and youth with disabilities and their families.

Waterproofing, Tents and Playground 2014-2015

Thanks to the contribution of "LORD MICHELHAM of Hellingly Foundation " , "MUREX SAL" , " Banque Libano-Francaise" and Mrs.Raya Raphael Nahas, Sesobel was able to provide an environment (entertaining, educational and rehabilitative) adequate and protected for our children and youth with disabilities and this, by meeting the below objectives:
• Avoid air flows and unwanted water.
• Ban leakage cracks and crevices in the building envelope.
• Seal with products specially developed for this purpose.
• Establish 1 indoor playground.
• Set up 2 tents (yards).

Big Thanks !!

Computers 2014-2015

In Sesobel, a large number of children and youth cannot handle standard peripherals, such as mouse and keyboard,  and have great difficulties in accessing existing standard software. The computer with specialized software and their peripheries has been proposed to mitigate the motor, visual, neuro-perceptual, cognitive and communicative difficulties that children present. It is thanks to the BBAC that provided 10 computers for our children and youth!

BBAC thank you.

The Three-Hearts lodge cafeteria 2015-2016

The existing cafeteria was not well adapted to welcome customers and needed improvement. However, and thanks to a generous philanthropist , our dream of a better cafeteria came true!

In fact, we’ve placed particular focus on improving the quality & infrastructure of the cafeteria in order to provide safe food. Everyone agrees that safety and security are the foundations of high-quality care. Quality of care is related to how it is offered. It is difficult to provide high-quality care in an environment that is non-adapted to the size of SESOBEL's notoriety, and the equipment is in poor repair. The Cafeteria is now clean , organized and free of hazards.

Furthermore, our youth can now implement what they learned, and in order to provide a professional service, equipments were purchased. It is now for SESOBEL to provide you with the promised great service, which will enhance SESOBEL’s image.

refrigerated room 2015-2016

SESOBEL was selected among other associations to benefit from the support of Recettes de Vie . In fact, this donation of USD 10.000 participated in the development of the sheltered workshop kitchen and Cafeteria and that by setting up a refrigerated room.

Big Thanks Recettes de Vie !

Improve the production of SESOBEL's rural products 2015-2016-2017

The Lebanese Industry Value Chain Development ( LIVCD) - funded by USAID - will engage in a leveraged investment with SESOBEL to improve our food production and eventually increase our sales, through :

-Upgrading and introducing  new equipment used to increase production capacity, improve quality, and reduce production cost based on recommended hygienic practices.

-Undertaking renovation plans to upgrade the production unit and make it accessible for workers with disabilities.

-Upgrading  the labels of 10 top selling products, including regulatory compliance with market requirements.

-Training SESOBEL workers and farmers to improve the quality of food.


Thank you LIVCD ! thank you USAID !


The Association PARTAGE covered the costs relating to 76 hours of basic courses given by professionals within our training center and 1 internship abroad:

- Relaxation (closed group)

- Relaxation (open group)

- Milan & Painting

-Dentelle bretone

- Reading and Functional Maths

- Body expresison: personal experience and appropriate intervention

-Conception and learning Animation 1

-Conception and learning Animation 2

-Communicate By gestures

-Artistic activities

-The Pathological gait

- The instrumental respiratory care

- Eating disorders prevention with children with down syndrome


Internship: Special pedagogy with the integration of the Basal Stimulation approach

Person Lift

Thanks to the contribution of Alfa Company, MOBILE INTERIM COMPANY, SESOBEL has provided a Rail Lift for the well-being of our children with severe disabilities. This lifter is needed because of the physical heaviness of our children and youth at the polyhandicap and severe intellectual disability program, educators and caregivers suffer from back and neck pain caused by repetitive transfers during the day.


Big thanks !!

D.A.R. Needs

Thanks to the generosity of Georges N. Frem and brothers foundation, SESOBEL was able to provide rehabilitation equipment for the new D.A.R center (Diagnosis - Accompaniment-Rehabilitation) - center for family reception and specialized therapies.

Thank you!

Music Workshop

The Association PARTAGE has covered the costs of purchasing the musical instruments necessary for the development of the music workshop at SESOBEL.

Thank you!

Chairs for Classes and Workshops

The association Educ'Art has covered the expenses related to the purchase of 65 chairs for the classes and workshops of our children and young people with disabilities.


Thank you dear friends!

Many thanks to all who participated in the coverage of medical expenses, to all those who ensured chronic medications for our children and youth, and those who responded to our call for medical assistance emergencies and equipments needed for our workshops and classes.

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