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Autism is Real, so is its Cost
Autism is Real, so is its Cost
Autism is Real, so is its Cost
Autism is Real, so is its Cost




1-Painting Exhibition/Sale - Le Gray Hotel - May 2018

Despite the economic difficulties affecting the country in general and SESOBEL in particular, SESOBEL has helped in 2017 alone, more than 1200 children and youth with motor or intellectual handicap or with autism from birth to adult age.


April, being the month for Autism Awareness, SESOBEL, in collaboration with Le Gray Hotel, organised an exhibition/sale of the amazing paintings done by the children in our autism program.

The paintings are of different sizes, and many of them up to 2mx2m.

About 20 paintings were sold and the spark in the eyes of the numerous visitors was very encouraging to our kids, their parents and their teachers to keep on !!!!

Their brush strokes are their personal contribution to help SESOBEL gather some of the much needed funds to continue the construction work of the new Autism Center.


These children and youth have multiple talents. They follow continuing training in different fields. One of their favorite activities is painting. It is, for them, a therapy, a way of communication and expression that allows them to put their feelings on canvas! 

Meet our artists

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As for the construction in progress of the Autism Center, some workshops, classes, refectory, kitchen, bedrooms,…remain to be sponsored and finished.


For information, contact: 

03 688823 

03 517264


At SESOBEL we are always struggling to give the children the best care we can with a lot of love and dedication !!



Despite the economic difficulties affecting the country in general and SESOBEL in particular, and Thanks to the generosity of a friend of SESOBEL, our dream came true:

specialized hydrotherapy unit was donated “in loving concern for all children”. Please watch this video to discover the uniqueness of this hydrotherapy unit! 

Children with autism, motor, and / or intellectual disability have sensory-motor impairments that block their development. The aquatic environment provides them with relaxation & security . As the body is lighter in the water, the movements are increased. On the other hand, in the water the movement undergoes resistance which improves strength, energy and endurance. Children are motivated while having fun.

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In addition to its importance for SESOBEL's children and youth, this hydrotherapy unit is open to the public in the afternoons as a source of self-financing for people with neurological diseases, rheumatological diseases and orthopedic diseases.

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For more information, contact SESOBEL at: 09-235 435



3-Movies for children with autism in Lebanon

SESOBEL, is rolling out the red carpet for all children with autism in Lebanon by introducing, every last Saturday of each month, a movie in a sensory-friendly environment that suits the specific needs of these children:
- Dimmed lights will be kept on during the movie 
- Volume will be reduced 

We recommend you bring along headphones or earplugs if you think your child might require them. 

If you need a video of the guided itinerary, from the parking of ABC Dbayeh all the way to the cinema #3, so you can share it with your child in advance; please check out this link: 
Routing Video from the parking to the cinema 

Stay tuned for information on future movies by visiting our facebook page 
These movies are open to children with autism, their families and friends. 

Contact us, or leave a message at: 
-Frida Chammas 03-688 823 
-Jeanette Mattar 03-517 264


We are very proud to announce to you that the beautiful painting Above and Beyond done by Walid, Dina and Rami (3 children with autism in SESOBEL) was auctioned during The Middle East Modern and Contemporary Auction held by Artscoop (auctioneer : Edward Rising ) at the Yacht Club Gallery, Zaytouna Bay on Saturday April 9th, 2016 (viewing April 6-7-8th).

We are very grateful to Artscoop for giving SESOBEL this opportunity to showcase the remarkable work of our children with autism. Painting is one aspect of their therapy, and they excel in it !

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