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Autism is Real, so is its Cost
Autism is Real, so is its Cost
Autism is Real, so is its Cost
Autism is Real, so is its Cost



The direct beneficiaries of the project are: 

• 50 underage children (0 to 6 years old) with physical and/or mental disability, or with Pervasive Developmental Disorders (autism) 

• 40 children and youths with autism between the ages of 6 to 20 years old 

• 30 young adults with severe autism will be welcomed in a daytime center for socialization and accompaniment 

• 15 youths with autism, 14 years and older, will be cared for on a rotation basis in a pioneer living space with private bedrooms and bathrooms


Other beneficiaries are: 

• 220 families (parents and siblings) will be received for family guidance purposes, for social group interventions and for relaxation sessions. The siblings will receive: information about the disability of their brother and/or sister, support in case of difficulties caused by the presence of a brother or a sister with disability, personal attention that will help them develop and grow and a preparation with their parents for the future of their brother or sister. 

• 57 teachers, 22 therapists and 2 social workers will also benefit from a better-adapted working environment to cater more efficiently to the needs of our children.


The center will also be a great place for families where they can meet with the social workers and team of therapists and receive family guidance on the future of their child.


- Outpatient children and youth with disability, and/or with autism, will benefit from around 1665 therapy sessions which will generate income as a self-financing source.

- Furthermore, by transferring the children with autism to this new center, we can provide extra space in the existing buildings for the 3 actual workshops (Chocolate, Biscuits, Decoration) needed for our children and youth with mental disabilities and autism.


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